About the Contest

The Chase Community Giving Contest started with hundreds of thousands of charities—and thanks to your votes, 100 of them will receive $25,000.

Seven Charleston Charities made it into the Top 100 and are now in Round Two! Starting May 19th, you can help decide which of the winning charities share the remaining $2.5 million in donations from Chase!

To help the Charleston charities advance in the contest, we need you to vote and share with your family and friends!

The Charleston charities in the contest have come together to help bring this money to deserving organizations in the lowcountry!

You get 5 votes to use for the contest and we encourage you use them for the Charleston Groups. Each logo on the homepage will take you to the Facebook Voting page for each group!

Chase will donate to the 25 Charities receiving the most votes in Round 2 in the following amounts:

  • $500,000 to the Charity receiving the most votes (rank 1);
  • $400,000 to the runner-up Charity (rank 2);
  • $300,000 to the next runner–up Charity (rank 3);
  • $200,000 to the next two runner-up Charities (ranks 4-5);
  • $100,000 to the next five runner-up Charities (ranks 6-10);
  • $40,000 to the next five runner-up Charities (ranks 11-15); and
  • $20,000 to the next ten runner-up Charities (ranks 16-25).

Voting starts on May 19 and ends on May 25 at midnight!

For more instructions please click here.

Thank you for voting and spreading the word!

- Vote Charleston


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